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Online Live Classes will be taken here. We provide chat,raise your hand facilities at low cost.


We provided Opening, Middlegame databases,which it contains comments and subvariations. It has 24/7 access anytime.


To avoid your mistakes during tournament we conduct tournaments to get tournament experience.


We got access from playchess.com. Tactics, Analysis, Play versus Computer tools can be used at anytime.


Pre-recorded youtube videos can watch here at anytime. Some sample videos are provided in videos section.

About Me

Lakshminarayanan is an Experienced coach with impressive performance from students in world youth and medal winners in category.Few low rated students have improved lot in ratings!

Training Methods:

Analysing students own games.

Identifying their strength and weakness in chess.

Teaching chess in a scientific way.

How to overcome opponent and rating fear and superiority and inferiority complex.

Building self confidence and making students from zero to hero!! By proven methods!.

How to gain maximum benefit from loss and victory in chess.

Training student to defeat himself first whom he was not able to to perform yesterday and making possible today !.

Providing quality workout material after each session which is really needed for the student.

Get your personal chess coaching with Lakshminarayanan contact what'sapp 8667503851.

Coach Profile


FIDE ID : 5040647
FIDE Rating : 2200
Official FIDE Title : CM (Candidate Master)
Coaching Experience : 15yrs

  • Achievements
  • Represented Tamilnadu state 3 times in Nationals
  • Runner up in S.K Narasimhan memorial (2008)
  • Runner up in Under 25 Tamilnadu state (2009)
  • Winner of MDCA Open FIDE rated Madurai (2010)
  • Winner of 3rd KPK Open FIDE rated (2015)
  • Runner up in St Peters FIDE rated Kodaikanal (2017)
  • Winner of Tamilnadu state team championship and secured 1 st board prize (2019)
  • Former coach of Grand Master N.R.Visakh and International Master N.R.Vignesh
  • 3rd place in Adyartimes Open FIDE rated Chennai (2008)
  • Winner of Kamaraj Memorial state level open chess tournament Karur (2019)
  • Winner of Tamil Nadu State Team Championship (2022)



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